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About Me




Who am I?



           My life started with my father’s eyes peering through a viewfinder at my tiny nine-pound body. Cameras have always been around me. Whether it was midget wrestling matches, Boy Scout campouts, or helping out with my father’s photography business on the side of a football field, a camera has always been influencing me.

            At the age of five, I received a plastic point and shoot camera for my birthday. The images the camera would spit out were marginal. However, the time behind this camera began my long journey to where I am today.

            By age eleven, I was entrusted with my first DSLR. I spent long hours on the sidelines of sporting events gaining the necessary experience that would harden my skills. Alongside my father, I learned to take photographs of sport teams, families, portraits, and so much more.

            When high school came around I started with an entry level photography course; slowly climbing my way to the top of the photography food chain at Randolph High School. Many weekend nights were spent with professional photographers capturing weddings, birthdays, and other parties.

            Today, I run a commercial photography business that specializes in portraits and events.